The world that was Heaven - By Amit Herlekar

The world that was Heaven

Enjoying the cool summer on the beach
I embraced the spoiled world being unleashed
Unaware that I am blinded by fake pleasure
I felt like I found a lost golden treasure

Unable to foresee what's coming down upon me
I failed to realize I was being perished away slowly
Trapped in a bubble filled with poisoned air
Breathing it in a blatantly without a tinge of care.

I detested the world which shielded me from evil
As I was becoming a dangerous weevil
It guided me in the path of righteousness
Although my life was overgrowing sinfulness

I kept ignoring that dearly loving world
As if it never existed and  never born
Getting lost in my own imaginary world
Into the subtle space that was never known

To realize the truth it is too late
I have already gone very far to reach my fate
Now I can hardly see where I am going
Lost trace of that heaven once I lived in

This world of mine is not accepting me anymore
Where there was glory is now painted in gore
Ruthlessly loathing me for whatever I am
Out casting me as the thing that is damned

Now I am only filled with unbearable regret
Which is torturing me to die in cold sweat
Suffering with murderous guilt and despair
Leaving me with paralyzed and insanely scared

Having butchered my life by my own hands
I am desperately dying to go back to that divine land
Only a miracle can save me from being forsaken
To help me return to the world that was Heaven.

- Written by: Amit Herlekar

My poem can be used for free as long as people first obtain my permission by writing to and as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to website.

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