Psychoses - By Hamza Matar


Message to the world
Peace to the world
Correct me if I’m wrong
I confronted my demons
I can beat them
Be strong
Have faith
They can’t have your soul for dinner
You will have theirs as a desert
And I was wrong
With raging pride and thoughts
I followed my shade
Crying my way to the west
Shredded heart
Torn soul
Death was lurking
The end has more pride than mine

It didn’t come to me
It charmed me to go for it
And so I did
What keeps me here
Everything has fallen to pieces
There is nothing left for me
But sorrow
Everlasting autumn
So let me fall
If I have to fall
Let me fall with pride
What keeps me here
They have killed my all
They darkened my soul
They left my heart with a hole
I’ll never heal
My innocence has vanished into the night
And I’m drowning deeper and further
into the darkest most devilish place of my heart
Into hatred
Into outrage and grudge
What keeps me here
Only vengeance
But I followed my shade
And it shrank
Just beneath my feet I no longer see it
I’m lost
Should I dig
And hide my shame
It’s the end of road
Death will lurk for some more
And my pride is greater than the end
It will come to me
I’m not gonna surrender
Saved by the shade
Saved by the sun
Saved by God
What keeps me here
The last pure tiny flame of light it me
I feel it
I hear it
It calls me from the depth of my soul
Hold on to your heart
And you will find peace
This is I promise you

- Written by: Hamza Matar

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.

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Hamza Matar said...

thank you very much for publishing my poem


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