The Great Mansion - By Amit Herlekar

The Great Mansion

Its a majestic thing to all who see
The Mansion across the horizon
With rose gardens and tall trees
Stood tall on its stead - Unshaken

Passing by the moor, an old man often
Smiled gladly when his eyes caught
This magnificent structure - Abandoned
By time, which was once admired a lot

It was a palace all sang and danced, it Prayed
For everyone to Live and Enjoy Life with charm
Where grandmas baked and children played
It welcomed every living soul - With open arms

It was a home for Lovers of Romance
In the rose garden, under the starry night
Embracing each other in a complete trance
For all other eyes it was a delightful sight

Now he stood very close to it - Very upset
Admiring every detail crafted up by pouring sweat
Then his proud smile gradually began to fade
When the liveliness was lost - What fate!

He couldn't accept its failure in the struggle
With time, of being the dear thing - Forever
Where he saw little kids play and giggle
Is now filled with haunting silence allover

It was once a Castle of a Great King
And there were celebrations all the time
Everything is blown away by howling wind
For Emptiness to prevail like Eternal Sunshine

Its neither pleasing those New Eyes
Nor it is a structure of glory anymore
He wonders why it can't be otherwise
Why can't it stand a chance anymore?

It steals attention of anyone passing on the way
But it remains just as good as anything to watch
"It was a great mansion" - is what they say
And share its stories holding a glass of Scotch

He longs to live in the mansion - As Before
Thinking he could rediscover his inner self
But it looked old fashioned and he couldn't adore
As it is gravely beaten by time - Like himself

Left in ruins, will it die alone in oblivion?
Or survive as a legend in pages of History?
Why does anyone care where he is buried in
When all his noble deeds are deemed ordinary

Thus goes the song of roaring Rise and silent Fall
All the hard worked footprints slowly get erased
Time always wins to cause imminent Downfall
Paving way for the new breed of things to race.

- Written by: Amit Herlekar

My poem can be used for free as long as people first obtain my permission by writing to and, my name must be given credit and a link is included to website.

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