HEARTBREAK GAME - By Sylvia Salima

He loves me I love another
It's a cycle of love Love never taken for granted
I think of another His thoughts are of me
How could I be so blind It's real, It's true
What would I do How could I lie.
He hopes in prayers He sleeps in dreams
How could he remain so true
I cant change my heart I cant stab myself
Why do I feel this way
How could I love someone I have never thought of
He leaves in a future of me and him:
I leave in a future of me and another
Both feel true emotions both are clear
Too bad it's always vice versa
We leave in a life of vicious circle
I lie he believes
I hold my thoughts my emotions are out of control
The cycle is on no redirecting
Both ends loose in a game of Heartbreak.
- Written by: Sylvia Salima
This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.

1 comment:

yourfriend05 said...

Be fair to him. Tell him and save his heart.


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