THE WATERFALLS - By Sylvia Salima

Am diving in with courage
Am holding my pieces whole
Am holding my weakness within
Am realising my strength to flow
The chilling water of the ocean I release my sorrow
Mourning was with time now i can try moving on
Forgeting the love can never control hidden emotions
Remembering the moments never sadden me anymore
The chilling water of the ocean I release my sorrow
Shortened period in our lives never fade happy times
The losses in our lives never mean we are punished
Enjoying what at hand makes life more meaningful
The chilling water of the ocean I release my sorrow
I smile the feeling witihin feels right
Am moving on doesnt mean 'I will forget you'
Neither the heavens nor life after makes love fade away
The sorrow fades with the chilling water
Happiness remains like a gift rapped with ribbons.
- Written by: Sylvia Salima
This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.

1 comment:

yourfriend05 said...

For true love sorrow never fades and dreams are destroyed and lives nonexistent till their complete demise. Moving on is not an option for true love so ve careful to those who teust you with thwir soul. They may never recover only to wander this earth as an empty shell known as the unforgiven to never know love again till death gives them sanctuary from their misery. A life is really the heart abd soul not the actions and motions played out for others. Life is what is inside you.


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