Musings over tea in the Morning - By Anna McCarthy Hoffman

Musings over tea in the Morning

What I like about writing,
What has always struck me
As a great modern truth,
Is that is knows no class,
No prejudice of person.
No age or qualification
Anyone can pick up a pen and
Many a hardened looser,
A forlorn deadbeat,
A crazy, insecure recluse,
The reckless youth
And flowery innocent
Many a wailing soul
Have put ink on paper
Type on leaflets
Words onto the screen
There is something just
In this conclusion
A fairness, a refuge
For the battered and curious
For the daunted dreamers
Sitting in secret places
Sending out messages of
Inner salvation.

- Written by: Anna McCarthy Hoffman

My poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to:

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