The Usefulness of Rain - By Anna McCarthy Hoffman

The Usefulness of Rain

The usefulness of rain is that
It speaks to every negative emotion
Millions of melodic drops
Thrown from the heavens
Dive-bombing steadily, gracefully
A cacophony of slaps and tings and torrents
Splattering against surfaces
Small fighting punches against the physical world
The white noise of a downpour
God’s tears in Morse Code
Tapping at the hardness of my heart
Gentle pats pricking my ears
Signalling to unconscious grievances
Inner struggles, hidden pain
Its time to let go
Its time to be washed of guilt,
Unforgiveness, disapointment
Let love find its way to parched places
Cracked and exposed crusts
On the skin of the soul
Those places ignored, remember
Nurture them, make peace with them
Release them
In the aftermath there is a great silence
A holy, lingering freshness
My spirit is enlivened with
The premonition of Spring.

- Written by: Anna McCarthy Hoffman

My poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to:


Lightening Hearts said...

Thats very cool... I liked the rain poem.

Digital Blog said...

So nice Blogger


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