Father's Unseen Hands - By Jason Kirk Bartley

Father's Unseen Hands

Father's unseen hands,
they lead and guide me,
down my straight
and narrow way.

He opens doors he wants
me to go through.
I know he'll guide me
as I pray.

Father's unseen hands,
keep my feet from falling,
He orders every step I take.

I know He's always with me,
uttering a prayer through every
breath I take.

Father's unseen hands,
has helped me through
I'm not worthy to bear His name,
nothing I've done.
Called by the Master, called by the Son.
out of this world, to bear His cross,
suffer His shame, count it all joy,
life's not a game.
Father's unseen hands guide me on.
Victory won.

- Written by Jason Kirk Bartley

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.

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