The Human Race Have Now Disappeared - By Brian Markey

The Human Race Have Now Disappeared

The gas is now gone as has the coal,
Under the oceans there’s a very large hole,
Being so overdrawn will now take it’s toll,
Things are much worse than we feared.

Diamonds and gold and iron ore,
The damage untold right through to the core,
All to be sold while greed’s to the fore,
It’s to extinction we are now geared.

Gigantic craters underneath our feet,
As disaster creators we just can’t be beat,
To our world we are traitors filled with conceit,
To Armageddon we have now steered.

The damage is done now there’s no going back,
The warming sun has us under attack,
There’s nowhere to run we are on the rack,
Mother Nature’s ideals we have smeared.

There is no doubt we treat the Earth as our bin,
What you take out you must put back in,
So prepare for a drought let the ending begin,
Our lifeblood has now been cleared.

Sinkholes the size of continents will emerge,
Open your eyes the seas will submerge,
As our planet dies with reality we’ll converge,
To common sense we never adhered.

Our oceans have drained they are now underground,
The rivers are strained the effect is profound,
Those clouds that rained can no longer be found,
We looked at the facts and sneered.

Viruses will emerge from the melting ice,
As they converge we will pay the price,
They’ll diverge as through our species they slice,
With nature we have interfered.

Arrogant and obtuse our legacy will be,
We used every excuse but refused to see,
We strung our own noose yes you and me.

- Written by: Brian Markey

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.

If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.

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